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Noguchi Coffee Table Buying Secrets – The Definitive Guide

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noguchi coffee table isamu noguchi herman Noguchi Coffee Table Buying Secrets   The Definitive Guide

The Noguchi Coffee Table is what most people would call the coffee table with gold standards. This was designed by Isamu Noguchi who is also a sculptor back in 1948. It is said that this table embodies the man’s belief that “everything is sculpture”. Aside from that, this coffee table is known to have been quite the icon for decades now and is known to be sold at Herman Miller for an eye-bulging price ranging from $1,599 to $1,689.

The Noguchi Table is known to be the table that gives off the perfect balance by literally joining together art and furniture. This was created by joining a curved, wood base with a freeform glass top. Despite its ethereal results, it still is a sturdy and durable table. If you’re set on buying yourself a Noguchi Table, here’s what you should take into consideration before running off to buy one.

1.) The Cost

Undeniably so, this is always going to be the first thing that should be on your check list of things to consider. Just like what you’ve read on the first part, the Noguchi Coffee Table bought online costs A LOT. Of course, there are cheap knock-offs of the product but always remember that the higher the price, the greater the quality of the table is. Remember: You get what you pay for.

2.) The Size

The Noguchi table you find in Herman Miller has dimensions of 55″ x 40″ x 7″ which are its width, diameter, and height respectively. Now, before you go buy yourself one, make sure to have the measurements of the available space of the room that you are planning to place this table in is enough for it to fit. Make sure that it doesn’t constrict movement and has enough space for you not to hit your knees with it which may result with the glass falling and breaking.

3.) The Materials

The table is in tIsamu Noguchi Noguchi Coffee Table Buying Secrets   The Definitive Guidehree separate parts: the freeform glass on it, and the two solid wood legs that interlock in order to become the self-stabilizing tripod of the table. As you can imagine, this table really is delicate yet keep in mind that despite its delicate attribute, the table is also pretty solid, perfectly balanced, and durable.

The original ones are those with Isamu Noguchi‚Äôs signature etched on the longest edge of the glass top. This is one way of distinguishing the original ones from its cheap knock offs. Remember that this doesn’t exactly come as a light product so make sure not to move it around so much and place it on a fixed area in the room. Placing your feet on top of it is also a huge NO-NO because by doing so, the glass will slide on the wood legs and that is very risky!

Before we move forward, just take a look over this youtube clip of the famous Isamu Noguchi.

His life philosophy is outstanding!


4.) The Color

Just like any other piece of furniture, you also have an expanded choice of colors for your Noguchi Table. The solid wood base is available in Noguchi black, walnut, natural cherry, and white ash are your choices in seeing if it would match your interior’s color.

5.) Happy Customers

Another thing that you need to take into consideration is if the retailer or manufacturer that you’re going to purchase a Noguchi Table from is reliable or not. You can determine this by the amount of happy customers that they have. If they have many customers that give them a lot of positive feedback, then you can rest assured that you’ll also be given the same good service.

If you plan to buy your Noguchi Table online, make sure that you check the reviews of the site first before proceeding to get yourself one. If the shop doesn’t have any review page, then it’s best for you to skip that shop and move on to another.